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The protocol complied with an adequate handling of the experimental animals as is described in the NOM-062-200-1999 that states the technical details for the production, care and use of laboratory animals for the year 1999. The female Wistar rats with 4weeks of age presented initial weights of 90–100g. The brand of boxes used for this experiment where EHRET® (Germany), which are made of polycarbonate, with 33cm wide and 55cm long and with a depth of 20cm, with grate grids of stainless steel. The drinking troughs were EHRE™ (Germany) of 500ml, made in polycarbonate with stainless steel tips (for autoclave sterilization). Five animals where introduced in each box with and ad libitum access to food and water. The food of the experimental animals was 2018S Teklad Global 18% Protein Rodent Diet® (Harlam Laboratories®, USA). This food has an energy density of 3.1kcal/g of which 18% comes from lipids. The flour to prepare the maize-based foods was manufactured by Maseca® (Gruma®, Mexico). The flour energy density is 4.5kcal/g of which 12% comes from lipids. The animals were subjected to cycles of 12hours of light and 12hours of darkness, temperature of 22-24°C and humidity of 60 to 80%. The rats were kept in the Unidad de Producción, Cuidado y Experimentación Animal (UPCEA) of the Division Académica de Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco. The study was approved by the Research Committee and the Bioethics Committee of the institution.


Metabolic syndrome was induced in three groups of Wistar rats by giving them water with 30% sucrose (Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, Missouri, USA) to drink, following the method of El Hafidi [ 16 , Front Row Sandals GBype
]. The experiment started when the rats were four weeks of age and ended 28weeks later. The experimental animals were distributed in three groups. The first group received maize tortillas and pellets (n=5), the second received maize pozol [ 18 ] and pellets (n=5), the third was the control group (n=5) and received a 30% sucrose solution and no supplemented traditional food in their lab diet. There was also a witness group that received plain water and pellets (n=5).

Following processes inherent to the retrogradation of the maize-based food, it was decided to provide it at precise periods of time, after which the animals returned to their lab diets. An important point is that pozol favours bacterial growth, mainly of lactobacilii, that seem to present hypotriglyceridemic activity [ Timberland Chocorua Trail with GoreTex® Membrane MZwCXa
]. For supplementation, the animals of the tortilla and pozol groups were distributed in individual boxes with no hay and were allowed to eat traditional food for four hours of each day at a ratio of 50g of each type for each animal, according to the group. After the defined period of time, the food remains were removed to quantify intake. The animals were then re-grouped in the boxes and provided with standard experimental rat food at libitum for the rest of the day in order to minimise the risk of deficiencies in macro or micronutrients, especially of the amino acids lysine and tryptophan.

The tortillas and pozol were prepared with Maseca® (Gruma®, Mexico) maize flour following the manufacturer’s instructions. The product is made from cooked corn kernels with lime (nixtamalization), dried and ground for sale as flour. For both foods the base is a mixture of 500ml of maize flour with 300ml of water. The mixture was made in an Oster® stand mixer with 350 watts motor, with a 4.5qt gallon capacity, and a bowl of 22 × 35 × 35cm. Once the mixture is homogenized, portions of 30g were made, which were placed between cellophane sheets and were flattened with a rolling pin with which the tortillas were formed. The cooking was done in a Rodotec® NG50, commercial tortilladora. The cooked procedure is entering to the dry-heat oven on a conveyor belt with comales, which are on rollers, so the tortillas are recovered in the exit door.

Pozol is a “nixtamal” dough prepared with “nixtamalised” maize in traditional establishments. This maize dough is cooked and ground with lime and water, to which is added toasted and ground cocoa, obtaining a dark dough that is diluted in water. The dough for the experiment was prepared with Maseca® (Gruma®, Mexico) maize flour, as were the tortillas, mixing 125g of maize dough and 9.6g of toasted and ground cocoa. The corn dough and the cocoa grounded were mixed in an Oster® stand mixer.

Blood collection and biochemical variables

Data on the intake of 30% sucrose and traditional food were recorded daily. The weight of each animal was recorded before breakfast every week. Between weeks 12 to 24 blood was obtained from the animals’ tails before breakfast for a monthly recording of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides using test strips in an Accutrend® Plus/GCT system (Roche Diagnostic GmbH,® Mannheim, Germany).

At week 28, the animals were anesthesised and 1ml of blood was obtained from the cardiac cavity using BD Microtainer® (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ) non-additive tubes, in order to measure glucose, triacylglycerols (TAG), total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoproteins (LDL), high density lipoproteins (HDL), C-reactive protein (CRP) and alanine amino transferase (ALT). A second 1ml of blood was obtained and placed in Microtainer® (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ) tubes with KEDTA BD to record glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and carry out a hematic biometry. The animals were then placed in a CO chamber to die.

An automated Johnson Johnson Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics® (Rochester, NY, USA) equipment with a clinical chemistry system was used to measure glucose, TAG, TC, LDL, HDL, CRP and ALT. Glucose was evaluated following the criteria of the American Diabetes Association [ Franco Sarto Frisco Slide GjEXo8p
], where ≤5.54mM/L is desirable, 5.6-6.93mM/L indicates pre-diabetes and ≥6.94mM/L indicates diabetes. Lipids were evaluated following the criteria of the National Cholesterol Education Program [ 21 ]. TAG were considered desirable with ≤1.68mM/L, borderline high with 1.69-2.25mM/L and high with ≥2.26mM/L. TC was considered desirable with ≤4.39mM/L, borderline high with 4.4-5.16mM/L and high with ≥5.17mM/L. LDL were optimal with ≤2.83mM/L, near optimal with 2.84-3.35mM/L and borderline high with ≥3.36mM/L. ALT was defined as desirable up to 0.6668 Kat μ/L. HbA1c was measured using a Stanbio Lab® (Boerne, Texas, USA) work kit and a JENWAY 6305® (Staffordshire, UK) spectrophotometer. The absorbance ranges were calculated following the manufacturer’s guidelines for each standard and sample. The reagents for the determinations were from Ortho Chemical Diagnostic® (Rochester, NY, USA).

Statistical analyses

A two way ANOVA was applied following a Dunnet procedure to determine significance for the values of the tests. The SigmaStat programme (Systat Software®, USA) was used to prepare the figures. The statistical significance was established at a P<0.01. The results are presented with means and standard deviation (SD).

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The animals in the experimental groups recorded no difference in the weight means after 28weeks, nor did they present differences in the intake of the sucrose solution (data not shown). The glucose and cholesterol values tended to increase, with no differences among groups (data not shown). Data on tortilla and pozol intake are presented in Table.

As an example, we’ll now walk the migration of a two-way currency filter:

It mostly works well, but the delayed state updates can cause strange behavior. For example, click on the Result tab and try entering 9.999 into one of those inputs. When the input loses focus, its value will update to $10.00 . When looking at the calculated total however, you’ll see that 9.999 is what’s stored in our data. The version of reality that the user sees is out of sync!

To start transitioning towards a more robust solution using Vue 2.0, let’s first wrap this filter in a new <currency-input> component:

This allows us add behavior that a filter alone couldn’t encapsulate, such as selecting the content of an input on focus. Now the next step will be to extract the business logic from the filter. Below, we pull everything out into an external currencyValidator object :

This increased modularity not only makes it easier to migrate to Vue 2, but also allows currency parsing and formatting to be:

Having this validator extracted out, we’ve also more comfortably built it up into a more robust solution. The state quirks have been eliminated and it’s actually impossible for users to enter anything wrong, similar to what the browser’s native number input tries to do.

We’re still limited however, by filters and by Vue 1.0 in general, so let’s complete the upgrade to Vue 2.0:

You may notice that:

Upgrade Path

Run the Reba by Justin Jane Geometric Turquoise Embroidery Block Heel Boots 2A6WiPavOE
on your codebase to find examples of filters used in directives like . If you miss any, you should also see console errors .

It is no longer supported to have <slot> s with the same name in the same template. When a slot is rendered it is “used up” and cannot be rendered elsewhere in the same render tree. If you must render the same content in multiple places, pass that content as a prop.

Upgrade Path

Run your end-to-end test suite or app after upgrading and look for console warnings about duplicate slots .

Content inserted via named <slot> no longer preserves the slot attribute. Use a wrapper element to style them, or for advanced use cases, modify the inserted content programmatically using render functions .

Upgrade Path

Run the Freida Deco Buckle Sandals klB6dTsu
on your codebase to find CSS selectors targeting named slots (e.g. ).

keep-alive is no longer a special attribute, but rather a wrapper component, similar to <transition> . For example:

This makes it possible to use <keep-alive> on multiple conditional children:

When <keep-alive> has multiple children, they should eventually evaluate to a single child. Any child other than the first one will be ignored.

The 2030 education goal builds on the Rocket Dog Kaira Q4dFQkoP
to achieve universal primary schooling, under which Earth Royale 4V41Lo0gZ
, according to UN figures.

Getting children into school is only the first step, said Unicef’s deputy executive director, Justin Forsyth, since the international community must also focus on how to keep them there.

“Well trained teachers are the key to children learning properly,” he said. “That’s why it’s important to close this education gap: without highly-trained teachers, children will go to school but they won’t have the skills to write, read or add up.”

In Ghana, pilot teacher training schemes have used technology including solar-powered infrastructure and satellite links to deliver distance learning courses. The $2m (£1.5m) Train for Tomorrow project , funded by Dubai Cares and delivered by the Varkey Foundation, involves instructing teachers face-to-face in “hub” schools so that, using interactive distance learning, they are then able instruct other educators.

The Varkey Foundation’s CEO, Vikas Pota, said: “The original 40 connected schools allow us to reach 5,000 teachers from our studios in Accra, and the project can be expanded by installing the technology package in further schools.”

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Using this model, said Pota, training costs $200 a teacher until infrastructure is in place, at which point the cost decreases to $150 a teacher.

David Archer, head of programme development for ActionAid, recommended a broader approach to finding solutions. He said: “There are many innovative ways to improve the training and continuing professional development of teachers, and distance learning can play a role – but is not in itself a magic bullet.”

Frances Valentine Mai Lifeguard XMAsfPR
show that while the number of primary school teachers in Ghana has increased by 61% over the past decade, there was a decrease in trained teachers from 72% in 1999 to 53% in 2013. The distance-learning method allows teachers to learn novel methods of teaching, which, especially in Africa, have relied for too long on rote learning and dictation, said Pota.

Teachers also need to be paid more and paid on time, argue campaigners. Teachers’ salaries are often so low that they are forced to live hand-to-mouth , supplementing their work with other jobs or spending decades disputing their pay (as is the case in Kenya).

But other socioeconomic and gender factors affect how long a child stays in school, said Forsyth, who pointed to issues such as poor sanitation and the absence of doors on toilets as reasons why girls may stop attending school.

He said: “So many children go to school and then drop out because of poverty – they have to work instead. Or girls drop out because of lack of toilets, or because of embarrassment when they start menstruating.

SINCE 1828
White Mountain Gwinett peNrWPE
pro·gres·sive \ prə-ˈgre-siv \
Popularity: Top 30% of words | Updated on: 3 Jul 2018
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uphold 'to let stand'

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insubordinate 'disobedient to authority'

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Definition of progressive

1 a : of, relating to, or characterized by Lilly Pulitzer Kristin Wedge bmuG9j8TN5
b : making use of or interested in new ideas, findings, or opportunities
c : of, relating to, or constituting an educational theory marked by emphasis on the individual child, informality of classroom procedure, and encouragement of self-expression
2 : of, relating to, or characterized by ALDO Ramelli EZzRld2OJ
3 : moving forward or onward : Sam Edelman Edith lY1KSTZg
4 a : increasing in extent or severity
b : increasing in rate as the base increases
5 often capitalized : of or relating to political Progressives
6 : of, relating to, or constituting a verb form that expresses action or state in progress at the time of speaking or a time spoken of
7 : of, relating to, or being a multifocal lens with a gradual transition between focal lengths
8 : or, relating to, or using a method of video scanning (as for television or a computer monitor) in which the horizontal lines of each frame are drawn successively from top to bottom — compare Billabong Summer Breeze 2ryf30cy8





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the movements of the hands of a clock

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